The Craft

Our values of high-quality craftsmanship, keeping ancient art form alive while maintaining sustainable and ethical standards are illustrated throughout the étté resort design process.

Our designer, Claire Fabb, travels to Jaipur to work closely with our artisans and suppliers, hand selecting the vibrant patterns that have become synonymous with the étté resort collection.

Our team of artisans are renowned for their natural talent along with their knowledge and skills handed down from previous generations. They keep their ancient art form alive by block-printing each piece by hand, giving each dress the distinct and individual patterning aesthetic.

We keep sustainability at the core of our design process, with each garment being hand-printed and hand-sewn, using only vegetable dyes, and ensuring minimal waste with each batch custom made to order in small quantities. 


Block Printing Technique

A traditional, ancient craft unique to the Chhipa community in Jaipur and surrounding areas, block printing is used to create the lively patterns in each piece of the étté resort collection. Each pattern is drawn and carved into a wooden slab by hand. The wooden block is dipped into trays of coloured dye and then carefully stamped to lengths of cotton by hand, one layer at a time.

Each garment helps to preserve the block printing skills and knowledge of the makers which have been all but lost to the world of mass production and automation. Our commitment to handcraft and the traditional ancient art form means that there may be small variations in the patterns of our dresses, giving each étté resort piece its own unique character.